Story Library application is the first English language Story application

Story Library

The first application of English stories written more than 10 thousand wonderful stories

The Story Library application is the first English language application for international stories that contains thousands of diverse and
wonderful stories. The application contains many sections in all areas of life
Read the stories in your house to pass the time
Story Library

Some sections of application:
Bed Time Story Inspirational Story Love Story and Kid Story.
Below is a large selection of English short stories. From all regions of the world, this collection was created to represent the true spirit of our culture.

You can practice English reading - anywhere, anytime - while you’re driving, shopping in
the grocery store, or having a quick coffee at your favorite cafe. And you can spend quality time while
teaching the core skills of reading and speaking English that is so necessary for everyone in today’s modern world.

Fairytale stories will take you in dream world.

Top categories are as follows:

Stories for Kids in English, will help you to improve your english.

Moral Stories in English, learn the moral from the stories.

Panchatantra Tales in English will take you in an imagination word.

Motivational Stories in English, get your self motivated.
Islamic stories,
Christian stories
Famous Stories in English
Best Stories in English - This section also having love stories
Inspirational Stories in English
Funny Stories in English - This section has most hilarious comedy stories
Akbar Birbal Stories in English
Story Library

Story Library

Story Library

Application features Library Global Stories Pro
By buying this app, you will get:
* Contains more than 10,000 written stories
* The first Arabic application for written stories
* Thousands include new and exclusive stories
* It includes more than 20 departments
* Works without internet
* You can change the application theme to more than 20 colors
* You can control the text font size
* You can add a read tag to see read stories

Story Library

Story Library

Story Library

It's the best library you can get
Download this English Library Stories app, a short story collection and enjoy it.
Please don't forget to provide us your valuable reviews and suggestions. It helps us to improve.

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